I have a custom application that I support and have lately been receiving an error message that has something to do with unauthorized access. When i try to launch the program, i receive the error and the application does not launch. however, if i restart the computer, try to launch the program again, i am able to launch it.

The issue is somewhat minor but annoying to the point, i need to find a solution.

Steps i want to take

-I need to trace from the point i double click to initiate the application until i receive the error message.

Is there any software with a gui interface that could possibly assist me with this?

any assistance is highly appreciated

Thank you in advance,

Computer Jay:)

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Yep, ProcMon from Microsoft Internals. You will learn to use its filter options pretty quickly... http://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/sysinternals/bb795533
Anyway, a good course once you are familiar with ProcMon is to start the ProcMon app, immediately dclick your app and then once the message pops stop PM's capture which began automatically upon startup. And get busy with judicious filters.


agreed and although the version of procmon may have a help file with it if not then google it and it gives a good and full help on how to use it.

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