Its called microsoft windows Xp Home edition

with this can i delete my regular Windows me and install Xp with it ...XP was done preloaded witht he new computer we jus got but i'm wantin to fix the old'n up and i dont wana delete it if i cant install it with the c.d

On the c.d it says


use this disc to re-installyour aperating system

keep this system recovery disc and all product documentation in a safe place

to reinstall the operatibng system ,programs and drivers

insert discv ,close all programs,restart your computer then follow the on srcreen instructions

the recoverryprocess erasess all data and files from hard drive

so dose that mean i can put it in and it'll erase everything and i can get xp


These days, computer manufacturers are bundling 3rd party software with systems, such as antivirus utilities and financial packages, in addition to the operating system. Thus, the manufacturers supply Windows on these restore disks that will restore the computer to factory conditions. Unfortunately, for advanced installations, you are powerless to customize the install.

So, if you boot with that disk, it will modify what you have presently, and will re-format the hard disk, and install the software. Then, be sure to update the computer and install all patches necessary.


Here's a BIG note, too:

Sometimes, those discs only work in the model they've shipped with, or the brand they're meant for. Additionally, you're not legally supposed to install it on more than one system, because you only have one license to install with. That, of course, is taken by the PC that the OS shipped on.

Can you open the disc in Windows XP, and see what's on it, if you see things like TOOLS, I386, and ADDONs, it's probably a "real" Windows XP disc. Anything else, it's a "restore" CD, and will likely not work, or end up deleting everything on the target system.

I have a COMPAQ Presario Computer. I am unable to load a cd in disk drive (d). There is nothing in the drive. It shows that there is something on the d drive. It says D://Presario. I click on that and it says Recovery. What do I need to do in order to load a cd on my d: drive? PLEASE HELP