Following one of your tread, I try to reformat my Pc. But it don't let mi change the "boot order". I have the feeling that I have put a pasword but whitout intention, so now I can't change anything on the Bios. Problem is that I did a instalation of Windows Xp, but from "Mi computer" and now I have two Win XP and a intalation Win Xp, whit no space left for other programs. I can't delete partitions. "D" for delete do not make eny delete on the Intalation programme.
Please any help.
Thank you

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What kind of PC do you have? That's kind of important.

You might have to completely clear off the partitions on your drive. You might have to use a DOS utility like Clean1k to delete your partition table, and start fresh.

That it what I have..
Microsoft Window XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 1
Compac Desk Pro
Intel Pentium ll Processor
448 Mhz
128 Mb of Ram

I have not problem to star fresh. But how do I go to Dos (for same reason I can't do it), and what is that "Clean1K". Where I do have from.
Thank you.

Ok. I did go into Bios by pressing F10 when reboot. But it ask for a password and I have not idea what it can be. It give me tree chanses and after that go into Bios. Let mi see the setting but not change any.
Thank you.

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