Following one of your tread, I try to reformat my Pc. But it don't let mi change the "boot order". I have the feeling that I have put a pasword but whitout intention, so now I can't change anything on the Bios. Problem is that I did a instalation of Windows Xp, but from "Mi computer" and now I have two Win XP and a intalation Win Xp, whit no space left for other programs. I can't delete partitions. "D" for delete do not make eny delete on the Intalation programme.
Please any help.
Thank you

What kind of PC do you have? That's kind of important.

You might have to completely clear off the partitions on your drive. You might have to use a DOS utility like Clean1k to delete your partition table, and start fresh.

That it what I have..
Microsoft Window XP Professional
Version 2002
Service Pack 1
Compac Desk Pro
Intel Pentium ll Processor
448 Mhz
128 Mb of Ram

I have not problem to star fresh. But how do I go to Dos (for same reason I can't do it), and what is that "Clean1K". Where I do have from.
Thank you.

Ok. I did go into Bios by pressing F10 when reboot. But it ask for a password and I have not idea what it can be. It give me tree chanses and after that go into Bios. Let mi see the setting but not change any.
Thank you.