I know it's possible to install WHS on a virtual machine with VMWare Workstation, versions 6 and 8. But the question that I have is more of how to do something with that virtual drives for the VM.

If anyone knows, is there a possible way to RAID two virtual drives in a manor that they will then have a copy on one drive then the other?

If not then I'll just resort to scheduled shutdowns of the WHS VM and batch copy the "*".vmdk files from the VM Drive location to a storage location and rename them as they finish the copy so the VM starts back up with little to no issue.

Thanks ahead of time for the assistance.

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I just want it to stay as one machine...

One machine, OS.vmdk and then the two DATA.vmdk Drives... But I want the DATA.vmdk drives to be set in RAID to be mirrored if possible.


What I mean is, if all you are after is a backup of the drive. Clone the VM, then power off the clone and backup THAT vmdk file.


Sorry I was looking at that in a different way. I was more focused on doing RAIDed VM Drives...

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