Hi all,
My PC's internet connection speed is maximum 52 kilobytes per second. But my Antivirus software is downloading it's update files the speed of about 3 kilobytes per second. When i noticed this, i posed all downloads but still that speed remains. My network monitoring tool displays that the speed is 52k but this damn antivirus is downloading files with 3k !!!. Why this is happening..

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Your DL speed is usually going to be measures in bits, not bytes. So a 52 Kb/s is 6.5 kB/s. Lets make sure we have the measurements correct here.

To verify your connection, use speedtest.net or any online speed testing tool.
Make sure you are the only user of the connection with no one else sharing it.

DL speed is also not just dependent on your speed, it is also affected by the distance/latency to the remote server, load on the remote server, etc...

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