Hi, Acer inspire5250, Running Win 7 home prem., standard hardware - recently grabbed the new WU's. soon after that, two of my kids on Cricket cell phone networks - and Use To always receive the ''texts'' I sent thru their phones via my Incredimail - are now reporting that the 'messages' are coming w/ something like an attachment, and not opening, or not coming at all. i can however message them out of my hotmail acct., off Live.com. Those are getting thru.
In the one case tho, dgtrs' phone will do internet, so her 'messages' are technically sent TO her earthlink email box and she says they show up on her phone as if sent To the Cell ph. telephone # and @cricket...*..* stuff ??

This is kinda fouling my mellow because my incredimail is the fastest, easiest to get into / out of - and rather a "habit''. Why would it suddenly after two yrs. of reaching these kids, quit functioning properly.
Apparently nobody else on my regular 'mail' is being affected in any way. I'm getting all my normal mail, nobody's gettin' spammed, I'm not gettin' spammed, etc.
What's up with this ??
Anybody got any ideas ? Touching base with Incredimail is incredibly useless....LOL

Thanks in Advance. nan

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Can't do that with incredimail without losing all the saved stuff. They are difficult as far as 'easy' technology in their programs !!


I saw that. It was resolved. I backed up the email, then re-installed incredimail. It wasn't a microsoft software issue, it was an incredi. software issue.

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