outlook 2003 and exchange 2003 - urgent issues - very urgent...???

In my office I am sure that Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is being used. (I really don't know why it is being used and heard for first time in life such a product from microsoft).

Also Microsoft office Outlook 2003 is being used.

Now my issues/problems:

1. In my office desktop, all emails that i get gets downloaded so later on when i want to use a particular email from my home using webaccess the email is not avaialble.

what i want:

a. how can i do the settings so that i can have a copy of all messages be left over server of comapny for web access later on...???

b. can i do any settings so that all emails which ome in my official email above gets forwarded to my personal email gmail id as a bckup and reference.

plz help me as i am not a very good computer knowledgeable or user person and needs to be guided step by step.

Plz indicate detail steps for above settings. plz be as simple and descriptive as possible.

plz its really urgent.

ur time help and patience is certaily appreciated.

thanks and best regards


Why didn't you ask one of your company's IT people to help you with this in person? That probably would have been the fastest and most reliable way to accomplish what you're asking us about. Regardless:

1. This link has step by step instructions for using Outlook's built-in Rules Wizard to accomplish the forwarding you're asking about.

2. To leave copies of your messages on the Exchange server:

- Open Outlook.
- Click on the Tools menu.
- Click on the "Email Accounts..." option.
- Click on the "view or change email accounts" option and then click the Next button.
- Double-click on your email account name.
- Click on "More Settings".
- Click on the "Advanced" tab.
- Put a check mark in the "Leave a copy of messages on the server".
- Click OK.
- Click the Next button.
- Click the "Finish" button.