Please, before posting a useless answer just for the sake of saying something read the post.

I bought a laptop at a flea market "as is". No returns accepted. While installing the drivers for my printer, I got a message that said something like the OS in which I was attempting to install was not recognized so I realized the windows copy the computer has is not genuine. At the end I was able to install drivers and the printer's all-in-one software.

Will this be giving me trouble trying to install other genuine software to the point that some of them I will definetly not be able to install?

That is the question. Replies such as "just install a genuine copy of windows", "why don't you return the laptop?", "why don't you complain to the person who sold it to you?" do not answer my question.


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ok but what about non Microsoft yet genuine software?

Once the genuine validation gets installed (from Windows Update), your OS is going to nag you to death and limitations will engage. I know of no third party software that will prevet from running. At least I haven't seen this.

that shouldn't be a problem, so far I have hidden that update, yet I do not install any other updates. Unless my choice not to download them is overriden I should do just fine.

Again, my post is regarding entirely about 3rd party software's compatibility.

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