originally i have a windows ME with 16mb ATI Rage Ultra video card. now i upgraded the sys with an upgrade cd of windows xp cd, now i had a problem with the sys because its running slow. now i tried to reformat the hard drive by installing the windows xp by using a OSCD of another system that i have, and thats the time i had a problem installing the drivers,it might be that the driver for this video card is not compatible with windows xp, so i tried to format the hdd to revert it back to ME, so first i tried to put in the winxp cd and try to reformat it for an FAT file system.as im about to select the file format i pressed escape instead with an idea to use the winME cd to format it from there.when im about to boot from ME cd, the sys locked up so i rebooted the sys and after rebooting thats the time i had an error "error loading operating system." it seems like i coudnt load to the previouse OS. please is there somebody knows how to make this thing work???:
it tried it to load a windows xp cd to get a cleen install but the thing is when i try to boot from CD it still will say error loading operating system, i even tried to do clearing the NVRAM and under BIOS on the boot sequence it is set as 1. IDE CDROM, 2, diskette drive, it seems like the Hard Drive is missing but when i went to Drive 0 where the hard drive is being detected and it has the hard drive capacity is stated in there as well..
I did all the necessary thing to do to make the Hard Drive to be detected,like reseating the IDE cables and even the power connection and im even using a brand new IDE cables.

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I tried to boot from both ME & XP CD and still saying that error loading OS.

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