Would any IT people out there have any IT word templates for statements, assessments, analyses? For an example, if we have to inspect a room’s tech equipment like computer and printers, then write up a quick summery or a detailed summery of what was wrong with the equipment, or asked for a statement, assessment, analysis of the equipment. Is there a standard layout or form for this, cause I’m new here and never had to write a form or anything to analyze equipment and write a report about it?

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Generally companies won't allow us to share forms to the public for various reasons, so I'm not sure if you'll get an answer here. But I'm sure there are default web forms and such on the internet. Otherwise you could make your own and print it up to use and keep record.

There are a couple different ways to record information about systems, one comes to mind is a free solution call "spiceworks" which will scan from the internet, or run an agent on your computer which will give you the information about it which you can document and use for record.


well darn...i guess there is none, i've searched and googled for weeks alls i get is staff evaluation templates and alreay written analyisies and just junk... thanks I guess.

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