Sir, I'm just newly employed, my boss ask me to test the audio but it doesn't work, I thought it's just because the system is muted. But when I tried to fix the volume an error pop-up says that "there is no mixer devices available" I look at the computer of my co-worker because her audio is working and I checked out the drivers, it has NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator but mine don't have it, ,, What I should do? Do i need to install it too? I am using Windows XP 2003 32 bit. Thank you in advance.

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What is your computer manufacturer, go to their websites and try installing the lastest audio driver.

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If it's a custom system then you might be able to use HWINFO to show the device type:

It could be that your speaker wasn't connected properly to your computer OR your speaker already broken.
Ask your co-worker to borrow their speaker for a while and test it on your computer. If fail, follow Jingda's step by visiting NVIDIA support site if your computer is the same spec as your co-worker does...

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