When i connect my pc with internet, it shows no internet access and its give the message that adaptor not found, i enable the adapter, but it will not connect with the net, and shows the same message. But with other network it can be connected. My system is Dell Core i5, window 7.

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Is it possible you have the wrong encryption settings for tis particular wireless connection? It's possible that one end is set to WEP and the other to WPA. Are you being prompted for a network key when you try to connect?


Try removing the WiFi connection on your computer and re-discover it.
That has helped me many times, even if the connection worked the day before. :)


If you are using internet connection through Wifi and an open connection without security, then it might be the configuration settings in the wifi router which is blocking your internet. If you have a security password kept, then you might have a wrong one typed there.

Try to reconnect to the Wifi and it should work. There is nothing with the hardware model for the internet connection to work.


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