Dear friends,

I'm trying to "Write" Chrome-OS.img to a USB flash which is of size 4GB, Booting Chrome OS from a USB flash. I'm using "win32diskimager-binary" to do that. The problem is when I try to "Write" the image, this error message appears:
(Writing to a physical device can corrupt the device. Are you sure you want to continue?)

When I click "YES", the flash becomes corrupted + doesn't work. Then I use HP USB Format tool to get it back.

So, how to solve this issue please?

I'm following this guide in here:
Click Here

Thanks :-)

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hi,have no info other than there is help link on the site you are using to make the usb install ,

always like trying things like this so i downloaded the same as you did and ran it and it copied the file to the usb no problem ,one this i will say is to go to windows diskmanger and format the usb drive before trying to copy the image ,berhaps

oops spoke to soon it did fuggup my usbdrive ,it was 8gig now only .99gig lol won't try that again ,missing something in the process i guess

@caperjack: yeah I know I tried it, and it messed up my flash too.
Strange though.

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