Anyone know how I can change the defaults when starting to write a new message in Windows Live Mail? Currently it's stuck on Sylfaen 10, which is far too small. I'd like to open with Garamond 12 or 14 as a default. Unfortunately, all the drop down menus ("Tools" etc) on the WLM toolbar are permanently greyed out.

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I'm assuming you're referring to the default font settings. You can try these steps. I don't use WLM myself but this should be worth the try.

  1. Select Tools | Options...
  2. You might need to press the "alt" key for the menu bar to show up.
  3. Go to the Compose tab.
  4. Under Compose Font, click the Font Settings... button next to Mail:.
  5. Choose the desired font and color.
  6. Click OK and try to restart WLM to see if it changed the default font settings.

mine was greayed out also ,untill i click in the body of the message ,then i could make changes ,but it didn't save the changes

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Yeah, caperjack, when I open WLM and go to "email message" (ie I'm about to write a new message) a lot of stuff on the toolbar is greyed out, just like your experience. And, as you, when I start to type the icons turn black and I can use them. What never turns black and always stays greyed out are the "new", "delete", "respond", "actions" and "tools" that sit below the icons. I don't know whether they have any use except to tell you what the icons do. All I know is that I successfully changed my default font for composing mail by following oalee's advice above. It's a bit of cumbersome way of doing things, though. Maybe MS will tighten it all up in the future. Here's hoping. Meanwhile, I'll keep playing around with "alt" + variations and see what happens. Take care!

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