Hi all - when Windows updater tried to install 8 'important' updates on last patch Tuesday, got the usual "do not turn off...'and when next reboot, 'configuring Win updates' - unable to install, reverting, shutdown, reboot etc-all good. When shut down out of that session, Win updater installs the same 8 important updates and so the cycles goes all over again. The only thing that had happened in the preceding days was an update to SpyBot and a full system scan by AVG (free edition) When I tried system restore to earlier time, was told 'System Restore failed or some such. Tried again in safe mode and seemed ok but when shutting down after that session got the same series of error dialogue as before. All indicators point to the above error message 'Ox800700b7'
Any fixes found by others??


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This maybe a space issue with restore point's

Go to my computer and right click, select properties, select system protection, click configure and increase Max usage, also you could also select delete, which will remove older restore points, which will help performance also, ok everything, now run updates again.


To spudireland, thanks for your suggestion. By the time I had posted on Daniweb, each successive update attempt had wiped out my pre-update restore points. However, on another forum I found out that there could be conflicts between at least 2 of the 8 "important" updates, so I selected each update 1 at a time and installed/rebooted after each one and, voila! everything is now good! All 8 are in and no more problem. Lesson learned for next time, because even Windows 7 support did not suggest any solution or highlight the fact that there might be interaction or conflict between updates causing the problem. BTW, when looking in Windows Update History and clicking on each of the 'failed' updates, the error message was '0x80071A90' - not the one I used to generate this post. Thanks agin for your interest.


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