How to connect local area network connection

LAN (Local Area Network) is easy to connect to. The majority of home and business LANs now support wireless meaning you can connect to it with a wireless device.

If you have a device that supports Wi-Fi then look for the option to enable it, on a Windows OS it is normally a set of bars in the bottom right corner. Once you have it open you can then select the network, you may be asked for a password. If you have the password and you're allowed on the network then you shall be connected to the LAN.

A second option would be to plug a Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 (ethernet cables) into an ethernet port on your computer and the other end into either the modem/router directly or into a network switch/socket (normally used in larger buildings or when you have many wired connections).

Good luck and I hope that answers it.

LAN can be connected in 2 ways, either Peer-to peer or Client-Server networking, which one do u want to connect ? please specify to simplify the question.

Do you have an existing lan? Are you trying to get 2 machines to speak to each other? Trying to get a shared internet connection? Mayber trying to share a printer?

We'll need more info.
- what equipment do you have ?
- what are you trying to accomplish (see my questions above)?
- Is there anything already installed?