I have a Toshiba Sattelite Pro 660, when I switch it on I had a black screen with only the Toshiba on screen. I couldn't start the Recovery Mode it frooze too. After checking in on the Boot Menue to change to boot from CD it came up with this error: Operating System not found. I've tried a well established Boot disc, but even that freezes before the Repair tool comes on. Any ideas?

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Coul u please advise the incident that made u to face black screen...
Since der are so many reasons....
One of them is change in VGA Port (Display Wire that connectd to ur computer) woud b noramlly in S3 under BIOS Setup if external VGA is used instead of In built VgA then it wil be S1 Port....
If u do made any changes is BIOS.....!

SMPS not able to take the load 220 volt (Earthing Issue) but in dis case SMPS FAN wil stop rotating

Display Resolution change ...... if not supported by ur pc it would affect the screen

Its failing to find the I suspect the hard disk at all. Switch it off! remove the battery. two slides on the bottom side will allow the battery to come out. Locate the hard drive cover which will be toward the front end on the under side (if you can check the location from adiagram this will help!). Remove the two small phillips screws and stick them under a piece of sticky tape nearby! Remove the hard drive its noramlly a pull slighlty one way and lift out It Will be 2.5 inches (55mm) across about 12.5 mm thick and about 70 mm long with the manufactures sticker and lable's which say don't push dont not remove cover, if you can dicipher enough you will find the size as well. Find a bootable CD (anything that says Recovery disk, Linux install, Norton AV tool) there is no hard drive in the PC so you won't lose any thing. Turn it (laptop) over Replace the mains charger press power, insert the bootable CD when you can and if required switch it off and start again. It should sit, P.O.S.T (toshiba screen) check the Optical drive and if anything hopefully boot from the CD/DVD.
Method 2) Take the suspect hard drive to another working PC if the drive is SATA (most likely you should be able to connect it onto spare controller using the Optical drive data cable and the power cable to the optical drive. You can bring the other PC up and use the built in disk utilities to check it out better still recover the data on the drive before you start attemptting to fix it.

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