I have a windows vista that wont boot or startup. It started when I was on the computer, doing something, and then my computer just froze still. I waited for a while to see if itll unfreeze because I did not want to start over. Then it took too long so i had to unplug the plug (which I have done before because NOTHING would move or do anything on the screen) Then I turned it on and it goes through the normal stuff, and then I notice that it isn't going in. It doesnt show the safe mode screen. It starts up showing the white words, then goes to the loading page. It says: Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility

If I hit F1, then the Windows Error Recovery page shows with two options: Launch Startup Repar (recommended)
Start Windows Normally

If I hit the first option, then the screen goes black for 1 second then it goes back to the windows error recovery

If i hit the 2nd option, then it does the loading page, then white word with the 2 options (F1 and F2) at the end

If I hit F2 then it shows all these computer options which I don't see anything that'll help my computer.

But when the loading page comes up, I hit F12 (F2 is the setup) then another page comes up, which is the Boot Device Menu

There are 5 options:
*Hitachi (Numbers and letters here)
*Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive

*System Setup
*Hard Drive Diagnostics
*Boot to Utility Partition

A couple of those show errors and start the cycle all over again and thats it, and the others are useless, and thats pretty much all my computer does.

install windows 7...

do a google search for hirens boot disk

run the memory diagnostics utilities.

Can't do. Oh and now my windows XP isnt working (i forgot to mention that they are btoh home basic) and it wont turn on, I just pressed the power button and it booted up, went to the page after the loading screen, then flashed black then loading screen again and did that a couple times, and then went to the other and lfashed and then black screen and now the button is flashing green, while in the back of the CPU there is a green button that stays on, and when opened, there is another green light that stays on, and there is a buzzing that changed between 2 pitches (like a siren)

the vista happened over the summer, and the cp happened today, nothing was origonally wrong with it, and i cannot believe that my windows 95 is that last one working which i never use

GAH, i was gonna do somethign and now i CANT, it isnt cannected to the internet either

thats behind me man maybe if i had it in front of me but i cant really put all that together and explain everything

sorry :|

It could be the motherboard problem. It could be the motherboard battery which look like a silver coin that hold your BIOS information is dead. And for the Window XP. The siren sound you heard might be the RAM problem. Take it to a repair shop and had it look by the experts.

Ok good news! My xp worked after doing other things, so it pretty much fixed itself! No harm done besides that my keyboard isnt "typing" I know it works because the lights come on, but only for a fraction of a second, (im not using a laptop, man i keep forgetting this kind of information) then goes off.

And sorry for lack of grammar and punctuationl.