A client of ours uses Outlook 2007. They have recently reported an issue with attaching files to emails.

Here is the issue that pops up...


This happens when trying to open a folder to find the file to attach.

This only happens with a couple of the folders. Other folders open fine to attach the designated/intended file.

Obviously it's a permissions problem, but where and how? Or more importantly what's the fix?

The users (with the issue) have access to these folders outside of Outlook.

They are however limited to specific sub-folders within the main folder. Much a like a "Users" folder where they would only have access to their personal subfolder under the users folder.

Make sense?

I believe if I were to map the subfolder to a drive the issue wouldn't be there, but I was looking for an alternative solution.

Keep in mind these are all local folders. They are on a server, however this client utlizes RDP for their organization. i.e. All the users work off the server.


Is that windows 2003 server? Do you have service pack 2 installed? If not, install it or try to install Update for Windows Server 2003 KB896427.


Yeah Server 2003 Standard x64 SP2.

I should have specified that. I did find that if the folder is shared and mapped it works.

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