Hi friends!
Look, I'm managing a Windows 2003 Server machine. I have logged in as Administrator (as always), I have been able to install few software that I have wanted to install, but I have a problem installing this Vodafone Mobile Broadband, a modem that I will use to connect to the internet. It brings a message "This program requires administrative priviledges to run......." and it eventually exit. I tried right-click and "Run As" then selected Administrator and gave the password but no success. I have googled this but the post that came closer spoke about a Windows 7 machine.
Any help please? I have an Active Directory in this Server, and it is the Domain Controller. PS:I also wonder, can also log in to this computer locally and not to the domain?

Thank in advance folks.


Try to set Data Execution Prevention to "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only" setting. Right click My Computer, go to properties, then Advanced tab, performance settings, Data Execution Prevention. Restart and then try your installation again.

Also, you can't log in to domain controller locally