Hello there, I'm using the word processor for the first time and just learning as I go. Can anyone tell me how to remove or delete a blank page that I am not using?? Thank You :)

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Does anyone know a shortcut to get to Word through MS Works, which is an included word processor which MS provides with most Vista operating systems? I need a desktop shortcut to Word without having to open Works (older friend gets too frustrated having to open Works and then clicking in the Word tab). Thanks!


I guess I don't understand this forum system so I'll unsubscribe. Plus, I already figured out an answer.



I am frustrated. I am Afrikaans speaking (South African Language). I did clear the "background Spell Checking and Grammar" boxes but the automatic spell corrector still change my Afrikaans words into English words.

How can I get rid of the "spell checker" not to interfere when I am typing a letter in my own language ?

Your reply will be greatly appreciated !



I recently sent a document out from Microsoft Works Word Processor on my Vista, and several friends couldn't open it, as it had an ".wps" extension. How can I send documents with a ".doc" extension instead? I'd like to make this a default setting, but can't seem to find the right way.



I am typing a document in works and I am trying to get a header on each page that has different information. But, when I type in the header on one page the information appears in all the headers on every page. How do I create different headers?

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