Hello there, I'm using the word processor for the first time and just learning as I go. Can anyone tell me how to remove or delete a blank page that I am not using?? Thank You :)

Does anyone know a shortcut to get to Word through MS Works, which is an included word processor which MS provides with most Vista operating systems? I need a desktop shortcut to Word without having to open Works (older friend gets too frustrated having to open Works and then clicking in the Word tab). Thanks!

hmmm.... this forum for introducing your self. please post your thread in current forum.

I guess I don't understand this forum system so I'll unsubscribe. Plus, I already figured out an answer.


I am frustrated. I am Afrikaans speaking (South African Language). I did clear the "background Spell Checking and Grammar" boxes but the automatic spell corrector still change my Afrikaans words into English words.

How can I get rid of the "spell checker" not to interfere when I am typing a letter in my own language ?

Your reply will be greatly appreciated !


I recently sent a document out from Microsoft Works Word Processor on my Vista, and several friends couldn't open it, as it had an ".wps" extension. How can I send documents with a ".doc" extension instead? I'd like to make this a default setting, but can't seem to find the right way.


I am typing a document in works and I am trying to get a header on each page that has different information. But, when I type in the header on one page the information appears in all the headers on every page. How do I create different headers?