Have a huge problem with my internet browser, it keeps on giving me an Error 105. Have tried everything even contacted my service provider. They reckon I have to format my computer as the problem seems to be the computer. Please help.

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What browser are you having trouble with? If this is Internet Explorer, try this... go to Internet Explorer, tools, options, advanced tab, reset IE to defaults.

If that doesnt work, just try installing another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and/or Safari.


I'm using Chrome, but I have internet explore as well. However, I will try this. Thanks

How will I install another browser without internet connection?


So have you validated that its an Internet problem in general (other hosts affected) or only with that computer? I would try resetting IE.

If this is malware related, you would have to download tools from another PC and copy over via USB, CD, etc..


try ,going into safe mode with networking and see if internet works ,hitting f8 on bootup ,go with safe mode with networking.

if that didn't work go to ,start / run ,type in CMD ,in the prompt type in with out the quotes
"ping google.com "

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