I do not know if this is a place to ask this question, but as I have know idea what I am doing I am going to go ahead and ask. I am having a problem with my internet browser and my screen shimmering. The shimmering just started today but the internet problems have been an ongoing thing. The problem is that in order to open my browser I have to right click and select open over and over again for it to even open. After it does open, it may or not remain open, it has a habit of freezing and crashing. I have Norton anti-virus, and it insists I do not have a virus. I have tried system restore. I have adjusted my refresh rate and resolution. I have tried google chrome, internet explorer and firefox. I do not know what else to try. I have windows 7 on a emachines desktop computer. Please help.

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So, it only happens when you are using an Internet Web Browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome?

Does it happen with other programs? For example, when you click on 'Start' and then 'Computer', what happens, the same thing?

There are two programs you need to download, these will perform checks and clean up problems that Norton's can't. Use the free versions, they are more than adequate.

The first is Malwarebytes. Please download, install, and run it first.

Next, please download, install, and run Superantispyware.

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