I once went for an interview before my previous job it was a practical interview and I was asked to determine and fix a number of problems and I cant for the life of me remember what was the fixes so was wondering if you guys could help:

the first one was that when ever users tried to open word or excel or anything within Microsoft Office the got an error saying could not find application for this one i was asked to determine what had caused this and fix it?

My answer was it is a virus and he accepted this and said it was enough, He then run a registry edit and was able open Office again Where about in the registry would this have been changed?

2nd one we had a server and client setup and for some reason the client could not access to particular websites but could access others. I could not remember the answer to this but it was defaintly something to do with DNS as i remember doing a NSLOOKUP and he said I was close to it from there?

Any help for this would be great just as a training excersise for myself!


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Regarding the first question, my response would have been that it was related to the file associations. The most common cause of this problem is when a user right clicks a file and clicks on "open with" and they choose another program while leaving the check mark enabled for the new default application. This can be repaired by manually updating the registry but its a lot easier to repair within the GUI.

The second could be DNS related but could be a multitude of issues. Using NSLOOKUP is the correct tool to use to figure out if the correct IP address is being resolved for the host name. Generally when some websites are working while others are not is not a DNS server issue. It could be virus related where the local HOSTS file has been modified or proxy related, website being down, or user error.


how and where would you change this within the registery?

With regards to the DNS issue I am sure it had something to do with the SOA as I vaguely remember him adding a DNS IP address?

I did actually get it but left shortly after.

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