can someone help please?
the problem is with hp quick launch buttons 6.30 J1 when booting into windows an error message appears.
hpqwiex module has encountered a problem and needs to close

if i attempt to unistall from the control panel, add/remove progs (so i can reinstall) i get the message error number: 0x80040707 desription: dll function call crashed: hpqnt.hpqgetbrandex. set up will now terminate

wireless assitant 2.00 C1 also crashes and when attempting to unistall the error message is: unexpected exception error number: 0x80040707 description: dll function call crashed: hpqnt.hqishpfamily setup will now terminate.

so i have downloaded buttons and wireless assistant from hp website ready to reinstall, but cannot uninstall or reinstall over the top of the origionals. is there a way to get these working again?

thanks and apologies if this is posted in the wrong section

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First thing I would consider doing is backing up any critical data off the hard drive that you are working on, I would start here since this may be a bigger issue than just a few corrupt files and your window to do this could be small.

After this I would run a scan of the hard drive for errors using a hard drive scanning utility such as Seatools. If the HD is going bad this should give a high chance of detecting it.

Next I would run a chkdsk -f if the hard drive is good to try and correct current errors in the system.

After all of this being successful I would recommend adjusting your startup to remove these programs from startup and then try to add / remove them or grab a utility to help you remove stubborn programs like CCleaner or Revo Uninstaller.

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