Disable/enable property for LAN connection, in Network and Dial-up Connections, for limited account is gray (dim). How do I enable it for limited account?


If you got 2000 Pro or XP Pro you can run the following

c:\winnt\system32\secpol.msc (edit as system requires)

Go to local policies and User rights assignment.

This is where you can edit a lot of permissions for your PC.

Use the help to try and find the variable you need, and add the user to the properties.

Sorry I haven't got time to look into that in more details, if your willing to experiment try giving the user permissions on "Modify Firmware Enviroment values", although I haven't tested that theory.

Good luck, sorry i couldn't provide more help.

For XP Home: A limited user account cannot change system settings. In order to enable or disable the connection you will need to be logged on as an Administrator.

"Modify Firmware Enviroment values" didn't enable the option.

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