I have an application developed and deployed using sccm 2007. Now, we are to migrate the entire application to SCCM 2012, leading to some issues with the system database.
eg : SMS_R_System in SCCM 2007 becomes VSMS_R_System for SCCM 2012.
I need to map other such table changes. Can you please guide me as to how should u proceede with the same ?

Thank You.

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Yes, you are correct. I went through the same issues. We had to go back and update views in other databases that pulled information from SCCM 2007. All of our custom SQL procedures that created reports had to be updated. We had a similar issue moving from SCCM 2003 to 2007.

What we ended up doing is creating a dedicated DB that contained all of this customization of tables, views, procedures, etc... as to not make chanages in the actual SCCM DB. Unfortunately with every release, there are changes to the SCCM DB so now we just go to our custom DB and update it as needed.


Thank u so much !! :)
Keeping that in mind, i did try and map the DB and it worked for me !!

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