I have a doc file,which doesn't open in any microsoft office.when you open this file in any microsoft office,its shows some unreadable characters as shows in below picture.so what can i do?
any help plz.....

Hamza Murad docfile

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  1. make sure the filename extension is a valid microsoft word extension e.g. .doc, .docx, etc.
  2. open the document in comatibility to previous versions of microsoft word
  3. if still no luck then the file is most likely corrupted

here's a link from a google search of possible solutions to your problem link
Hope one of em help :)

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If the file has correct extension such as .doc or .docx then only it will open in MS Word. If still not, most probably the file has been corrupted.


The file extention is really only there to serve the purpose of telling the OS which application should be use to read the file.

IN other words, just because you have file with a .doc or .docx extention, it doesnt mean that the file was created with Word. Anyone can change the extension of the file. If you want to open the file, you have to know which application was used to create the file. If in fact the original was created with Word, then the only other explanation is that the file has been corrupted somehow.

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