Ok bare with me folks.

Times are tough these days I get it. Unfortunately for me, when I complete these computer repair jobs on a hand shake or even an invoice that they will pay for my completed services next pay check or on some date, I've been left quite a few stiffs in the past few months. Even after billing them etc. So this is what I would like to do.

In their contract I would like them to sign to agree that a system shutdown or lock up of sorts will occur at a specific date and permanently lock the computer until the password has been given which they will receive upon receipt of payment. with their knowledge and understanding both the bios is pass worded prior to exe activation and will be the same password as the shut down.

I am not into doing this for illegal purposes, I do run my own small out of home business have my own sites and last thing i want to do is ruin what i have. I am a reseller or MANY security suites, AV, tools, operating systems etc which are also associated with my name. There is not room for foul play. Although i do see how this could be used for ill intention.

I would like to know how i would go about building this. My idea was something that ran command in background date specific to access the user accounts and change all passwords, then shut down. BUT, what i would like to do, is give the user the option to delay the pass change by selecting a button which pop up a bow or info on how to contact me via every avenue, or, press shut down till they can find me thus causing uninterpretable password changes to their account (that is of course unless they hold the power button. more important, no matter how interrupted unless it was unlocked by password, i want it to run at every start up until resolved.

Shoot, this might be too much but even an option to make partial payment through another button would be something of interest. Then after payment is excepted it sets another 2 week lock up..

This sounds likely aggressive, but really, be honest its all "acquaintances" or people who believe I am an easy over.

I don't believe there should be anything wrong with this approach so long as its understood in writing in advanced and signed by the owner.

Maybe there is something out there already like this. and if there's not, I would love to be able to create something.. I find i could trust more people and work out future payment plans better. I could use that at a selling point. Fix it now pay later.

Who knows maybe the person who points me in the best direction, Ill do all the work, but I would be more than happy to throw someone a few donations here and there for helping me develop such a tool..

And again, I apologize if there is a tool, i just haven't had luck finding how to build it or found one built.

And if anyone creates it after this post, please at least let me use it free for the idea.

maybe i just need sleep..

maybe i just need people to pay me..

Thank you VERY VERY much in advance!


PS If someone would prefer not to throw out such specific info for the world to see, feel free to message me at [snipped] -

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NEVER install a dead-switch on your customers' computers, no matter what!

1. It leaves you open for serious liability
2. It will cost you more than you want to recoup from your "deadbeat" customers
3. Well, I think that #1 and #2 are enough

If you don't think your customers will pay up on credit, then take ca$h or kind. FWIW, I'm in the same business.


well im open to any other suggestions. i assumed if they were aware and signed the contract with full understanding what may come about, would leave me in clear for any liability. I know it seems a bit harsh, just thought as a last resort 60 days after job complete. And computer rendered useless and baring lean until payment remitted.. I mean its not much worse than a repo-man for auto or furniture. I know from business school a contract is a contract. if it clearly states its objective and you sign it, its legal and unless under influence enforceable. I suppose some collateral may work. I know that with an open policy to complete a job before someone can pay may enable me to have an upper hand. Some people REALLY need their computers but no money to fix. And yes, a dead switch is a bit much, but, mainly i wanted it for people i know. Seems they are the ones who take full advantage. Ill figure something out. Thank you for your advice


easiest solution is to not let the computer leave your shop until its paid for ,most people who don't have the money to fix it today will not have that money next week ,i to fix computer's from home and know what your up against ,but most all my customers pay me for what i do

many yrs ago i had to have a vhs recorder fixed and had to bay 20.00 in advance or i could not even leave it in the repair shop .


Contract or no contract I can think of at least 2-3 ways to get away with a big compensation.
My advice would be to put into the contract that if you don't get paid within x days you've got the right to bill their credit card. Of course you should make their cc part of the contract and make it their obligation in the contract to inform you when that cc number is not valid.

If this isn't possible you can always stop offering services until they've settled their account and then stop fixing their computers.

If we assume that the deadswitch was a good idea - which is not - then you've got no way to enforce it. If it's a program all it takes is an uninstall or somebody removing it from startup. If everything fails then it's possible to just change the year in the system to a decade ago and be done with it.

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