When I switch my computer on, it immediately starts beeping and the screen remains blank. The beep is one long beep (maybe 4 secs), and loops over and over. I scoured various forums and whatnot, and the only thing I came up with is that it may be a memory error?
This would make sense, as I left my computer to download torrents which probably took up all the space on my C drive (stupid I know.) So the first time I switched it back on, windows would load for about a second and then go to the 'user select' screen. When I tried to log in the same thing would happen over and over. So I tried to load windows in safe mode but no love, so after much frustrations I turned it off. Now the above problem is happening. What would be my best course of action?
It also might be worth noting that before yesterday I hadn't used it in over a year, so here might have been a bit of dust buildup or whatever. Also, I'm running Windows XP.
Any help would be most appreciated.. bearing in mind I'm not exactly a whiz at computers.
Kind Regards!

First I would unplug all the wire connected to CD/DVD, hard disk, external storage and floppy disk if you have one. Than power on your computer and if the same thing happen. You may want to unplug the RAM and clean it and test the RAM 1 piece at a time if your computer have more than one. Lastly get rid of those torrents from your computer.

Give it a good clean out and reseat your ram!

Maybe its a conflict with your RAM and Hard Drive. If your memory RAM is too low and you use lots of applications in your hard drive simultaneously then maybe your RAM is overworked.. Try to put things out. And test everything like:

1. Remove your memory RAM. Ofcourse the PC won't load but lets figure out if the beeps is the same with the beeps you heard the last time.

2. Insert your memory RAM to a different slot. I think your memory was overworked. Just guessing.

3. Try a new hard disk in your PC. If PC works then you know what to replace. If not, then your memory RAM have a problem..

4. Check all the wires of your PC.. If you want. Just connect the cable wire only to your hard disk. Unplug cable on your CD/DVD drive and floppy drive..

Let me know if what happens! Good luck!!


Whenever you listen to beep sound make a note that it usually occurs due to RAM .Try to replace Ram and check from your end or else replace it with new Ram and boot your system.