When we log into the computer it lets us log in and immediately we get an error stating that we have no paging and to go to my computer to increase the paging. We can't get to My computer and when we try to boot from a boot diskette it doesn't work either. This is a windows 2000 computer.


Your paging file is too small. How much ram do you have and

1. Right Click My Computer
2. Go to Advanced
3. Performance Options
4. Click Change
5. What is it set to? Again how much ram you have? You will be changing the setting in here I would recommand if you do what I do.

If you have 256MB of RAM set the Initial Size to 512 & Maximum Size to 512.
If you have 128MB of RAM set the Initial Size to 256 & Maximum Size to 256.

Simple easy 5 minutes.

windows will recommend the proper amount of memory to use.

you will see that stats in the middle of the window.
minimum allowed: xx MB
Recommended: xxx MB
Currently allocated: xx MB

you should always set the inital size to what windows recommends... (its going to use it)

also note...
windows will allow you to select a drive(s) to put this paging file on.

also, if your paging file is adnomarly huge (double or more of your ram) you should consider purchasing more memory. swaping memory to the harddrive and reloading it is slow and will degrade system performance

I have the same problem as first reported - I know what to do but Windows 2000 server goes back to the log in screen after confirmation. I cant get to "my computer". Same in safe mode.

Serious problem as I am supposed to re-install this in 10 hours time. Server was running ok but I installed Norton Ghost 2003 to copy the drive for an upgrade - then this happened :(

I have the same problem as first reported...

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Win 2000 server after login is giveing "your system has no paging file, ..." tells you what to do in my computer / advanced / performance etc

BUT it returns to the login screen and cant get to "my computer".

Trying orig CD boot for recovery but having problems there. I have seen this question raised a few times in google but no answer to why you cant get past the login screen :(

Hopefully I might make progress via booting the CD but any help appreciated (very much so!).

Merged this and the previous post together. Your topic should have been kept in a single thread!

I got around the problem by following the information on W 2000 recovery consoile from Microsoft knowledger base article 812448

I think the problem was caused by the change in drive configuration whilst I had a slave drive online that I wanted to clone.

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