hi there ....
i ve downloaded a really cool (for my taste ) icon and i want to use it as an icon for folders .the problem is that in the folder options /file types/folder /advanced the option change icon cannot be selected.
what can i do to change the icon of folders with the one i ve downloaded?

yes its my new hobby ...i used Style xp so far ..but it has restricted file types extensions for the icons....(it takes only files as .iconzip .iconset and not .ico !!!!) i.e. i cannot put the icons i want ...i can only change the desktop files onoe by one from the display properties...
i want to change all the folder icons (i hate the dull yellow icon ) . i hope ill manage it with windowsblind ..thanx

Create a file called "desktop.ini" in the directory you want to iconify, and put this in it:


If it's an icon library, do this instead:


You can change the IconIndex to change the icon it pulls from the icon library. It starts at 0.

So that allows you to change them Ooble? Where do you put that file.


Inside the directory you want to give the icon.