Hi all,

I am running on Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and I am having a few problems. I have aCreative Audigy 2ZS sound card and I have recently bought Micorsoft Visual Studio .NET C++. My problem is that when my PC starts up it pops up to windows (it has started doing this since I put Cisual Studio on) I have attached these windows so you can have a look. The problem is with CTHelper.exe this is a piece of creative software that lets you build third party drives and apps for my sound card. I have found this on the internet here . But nowhere will tell me how to remove it! Please could somebody help me fix this problem. It does not affect the use of the soundcard or Visual Studios. But it is very annoying to have that popup every time my PC starts.

Help me please! :eek: :!:

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Click "Start", click "Run...", type "regedit", and click "OK".

Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press the 'F' key. Type "CTHelper.exe" in the search box and click "Find Next". You will have found the right entry when you notice that you are in what looks like a subfolder called "Run". Right-click the "CTHelper.exe" entry and click "Delete".

This will prevent the application from loading at startup.

Another potential solution is to uninstall and reinstall all your Creative software.

Will the first solutionstop it running at start up or stop it running all together?

Thanks for your response.

It will stop it from running at startup. If anything else runs it (which I don't believe anything else will), it will start. If you want to totally prevent it from running, search for the file and delete it.

Thanks all working great now!

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