hi guys ....pls i wanted knowing ...if i buy a book on windows server 2008R2 /2012.....and am using windows server 2008.....will ther be any issues

Code concepts and services are generally the same. However the 2012 interface is very different. If you are interested in learning about 2012, you should download a trial copy, get familiar until you can get a good 2012 book.

You can use a 2008 book for the concepts.

commented: is ther any good book u could refere me to get........at amazon or any other website +0

For Windows 2008 R2, I personally like this book...overall its good. good reviews by others and cost effective:
Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed

Now, for Server 2012, they are just starting to have books available...Unfortunately, I didnt think the Windows Server 2012 Unleased book is as good as the 2008 R2.

Take a look at the reviews for the various Server 2012 books on Amazon.

I dont want to give you a specific recommendation for 2012 because I just havent found that "got to have" book as of yet. The "Introducing Windows Server 2012" is free for the Kindle, and I skimmed through the "Inside and Out" book briefly. Its OK.