Windows7 32bit Toshiba Satellite: For whatever reason every time the laptop is started or rebooted when it gets to the desktop an IE window pops up. It's not a full IE with toolbars, tabs, etc. It's a simple framed window with Redirector in the top left hand corner of the window frame. On the page it simply says, "Page cannot be displayed."

I was thinking IE related re-directing from one site to another; have cleaned out the machine, checked for malware, etc. I can't seem to get rid of it. Any suggestions appreciated.
Thanks, Giddyup

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Didn't find anything there. Went to Microsoft and Redirector reflected as a Trojan. I'm running a scan in Safemode right now to see if anything can be found. Thanks Ale


You might run GMER, OTL to give us a lead, a chance. OldTimer Listit.
Luckily for you, it sounds like a dud malware. Then again, maybe only that bit is dud...

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I would normally run IE without addons and see if it also happens there just to isolate any Add-on issues.

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