So I’m working on an active directory restructuring project my manager has assigned me to do since the new company name change. Basically the meat and potatoes of it is making new OU containers in the Active Directory and throwing user, printers, computers, distribution and security group objects into their respectively named parent and child OU containers (separated by sites rather than by individual company names which it is/was originally).

Last week when I tried to move a handful of computer objects into the new OU child containers I created, it knocked those computers off the domain and violated the trust relationship between the workstations and server. It also caused havoc with the DHCP role on the domain server for some reason where it started handing out bad address requests. I later found out that was a result of a broadcast storm from my wireless access point but I’m still completely baffled as to why that happened at exactly the same time.

My problem now is that I still need to reorganize the active directory objects into the new OU containers, but I’m still uncertain as to why what happened previously happened. I tried researching the problem online but so far have found no reason for problems occurring from simply moving these objects into new Organization Unit containers, regardless of their association. Therefore my question is this:

Are there any associated problems from moving AD objects around into different OUs on the Active Directory? Was what happened to me just a fluke coincidence tying maybe into another problem with my Access Point (doubtful)? The thing is, I really want to get the Active Directory properly organized before the end of this week since its very confusing moderating users when new hires are listed under sites rather than company names. However I do NOT want to run into any more of those problems (especially not during work hours when people are logging in). Can anyone with experience administrating Active Directory or AD restructuring for server 2008 lend me any insight with how to reorganize it?? I would really appreciate it.

Moving objects between OUs should most definately not cause domain membership issues or IP conflicts. The only impact that you should expect is that objects will inherit new group policy objects linked to the target OUs.

Take a closer look at the OU structure, schedule a maintenance window, follow your change management process and move a few of the objects and validate that your issue was a fluke.

Thanks! I'll experiment a bit tonight after hours and see if any issues repeat themselves.

Just a quick question. Would working on the Active Directory organization using an RODC server cause any issues moving objects around? Or would the replication carrying over to the Primary DC without issue? From what I can tell there are literally no associated problems with moving objects around similar to what I had. Just want to be thoroughly certain on this. Again appreciate any and all help on the matter

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