I have no idea in which forum to post this.
I run three similar web servers, all w2008R2 with IIS7. two of them only contain ASP / ASP.net sites running on MySQL.
The third also contains Sharepoint 2010 with MSSQL server.
This server has a problem that is does run non sharepoint sites, but only right after a iisreset. After a while, something seems to go to sleep, because if I do not visit a non SP site for several hours (I did not really time this), it never wakes up: The browser waits forever and I find nothing in the logs that shows a hit or failure on a page.
I constructed a basic hello world HTML page to test and this shows the same symptoms

It might be connected to global.asax or any other file that needs to load before the page gets hit, but if the site freezes and I remove all preloaded files nothing happens either. If I do an iisreset everything works fine. The sharepoint sites work, luckily, since they are the production environment. I wanted to add different type sites on the server, but they obviously, are not in production.

Testing is very tedious on this.

Neither the IIS log nor the windows logs show anything but sharepoint stuff, as though is is blocking the rest.

Ideas on how to debug this? I'm stuck.