On an idle Sunday afternoon, I came accross an article about not showing the animation at the Windows start, and followed the instruction to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> System Configuration ->Boot tab.
I clicked the No GUI Boot box and re-started. True enough no animation, but no quicker, so I decided to restore it, went back and clicked No GUI boot to clear it and re-started again, ok except now I get the message 'Windows is Preparing Your Computer For First Use' At each boot, it does nothing, my desktop and programs all work, it's just annoying, can I get rid of it?

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Yes, put it back exactly as it was, it doen't do anything, just stays on the screen for ten seconds or so and then continues with normal welcome screen, So I suppose I could just put up with it.


Fixed it thanks harinath, system restore sorted it Duh! Why is it we never think of the obvious simple answer first, always assuming some disaster is about to befall..............

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