Hi guys,

Accidentally i have deleted some files on the hard drive which are very precious to me. any suggestion to recover those deleted files...

Plz help...

i'm using windows 7 operating system.

There are a number of data recovery programs you can use. SOme of them are free. One such is PC Inspector file recovery. But there are plenty of others out there to try.
Good luck

don't use the computer if at all possible as it may overwrite the old files (deleted) on the HD. Actually it does not delete them it changes the first letter of the name of the file in the index to a ? character that then tells the OS it can use that space.
as above there are plenty of recovery programs available.

use tuneup utility 2011 it recovers your deleted file's
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Dear Friend... This is a very goog software for Data Recovery "GETDATABACK" use for FAT & NTFS Partition. if you r deleted file and no working in partition so that 100% recovery is possible.


Huh. You forgot to load your spam link on this thread, too.

RECUVA is one of the free Data recovery software
Its free and light weight
u can download the latest version from piriform

it was already mentioned in my post previous to yours.

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