OK, so here's a simple question (haha famous last words!):;)

When replacing a hard drive in a desktop, the original recovery disks should still work, right?

That's what I assumed anyway.

My plan was to replace the hard drive, load the OS w/the same factory discs it came with, and voila. I'm not posting any specs because 1 - this is a project, so there's no rush, and 2 - it's sooooo hot today I don't feel like it (the project computer is in an non-airconditioned zone - yikes! I do remember that's it's an Acer something - probably from Walmart, Best Buy, something like that. That really narrows it down, I know.

Your two cents would be great!


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Well, AFAIK it should work. Try to get the Hard Drive capacity the same as the original.

Good Luck.

Thx for the comment finito...

Unfortunately, the original disks are not working for the new HD, which is the only change I made to the PC. Although it reads the 1st OS disk, I'm then prompted to insert either OS disk 2 if there is one (there isn't) or the Recovery disk. After inserting, I get an error message I've never seen: "Mismatch error."

I'm surprised that there's any sort of issue as the HD is exactly the same in every way - just a different manufacturing country (according to the label).

Anyone else ever experience this?

Can you tell me the whole error?

I would check the system BIOS that the new HD was detected and recognize by the computer. The model, number of heads, cylinder and so forth. Than only you use the recovery CD. By right the recovery CD should work.

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