I have netbook with Windows 7. Below will describe what I've tried:

0) I have took Hard drive out and did chkdsk e: /f/r on other computer. I did that for all visible partitions.

I put Hard drive back and this what I've tried:

1) When you select "Start Windows Normally" than next will see loading bar with title "Microsoft Corporation" and will stay like that forever. Same will happen when I select "Last good know Configuration"

2) When I select "Lunch Startup Repair" than next will see "Windows is loading files..." and white bar below. When bar finish loading than next will see same as in point 1 "Microsoft Corporation" with bar above and nothing else is happening.

3) When I select any SafeMode, the system will Show "Loading Windows files" and will stop at last file forever.

4) When I try to start from USB Memory stick with windows 7 installation than same thing is happening as in point 2.

5) When I try to start from USB DVD Drive with Windows 7 Installation Disc than I get message error on black screen: "BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot."
I have 3 different version of Windows 7 Disk. All of them generate same error. I know that disc are fine as I can use then on other computers.

6) I took the hard drive out and tried point 4 & 5 but same thing is happened.

7) I cant start Hirens CD or Hirens USB as getting error: "Image checksum error, sorry... Boot failed: press a key to retry". I know that CD & USB is ok as I'm using all the time on other computers.

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What is the make & model of the Netbook? Have you made any changes to it recently, hardware or software?

What happens if you start it with no devices attached to it? No optical drive, no mouse, no printer, etc, only the power cable.

If that makes no difference can you access the BIOS and set defaults?

In the BIOS of some Netbooks there is a diagnostics service. If yours has this, run it. If none of the above helps, start investigating your RAM modules by fitting them one at a time. Don't touch Contacts, Chips, or any Circuitry - ESD - Electro Static Discharge.

I haven't change anything.
When nothing is connected then it's going straight to bios. When you select in bios "Save changes and Reset" than is resetting and comming back to BIOS.
I did select Default in Bios but nothing has changed.
There is no diagnostic in BIOS.
There is only one slot with DDR3 2GB module in it. Unfortunatelly I dont have any other DDR3 module to check.

In the BIOS does it give you any information about the Harddrive? (SSD) Does it see the drive?

I've read elsewhere that you can press and hold F4 just after turning it on and that should restore it. But I don't know what the repair feature of Checkdisk will have done to the restore partition. Did Checkdisk give you any results or errors?

Sometimes you can begin the installation of Windows on a different computer, and when it comes to the first time that Windows wants to restart the computer you turn off the computer at POST and then insert the drive back into the computer you want to install it on. This would be a good test for the drive too.

Try the memory diagnostic.

Bios shows Hard Drive. I also connected this Hard Drive to other PC and I system start was going beyond the point where freez on netbook but because mothereboard was on diffrent chipset I get blue screen.

I suspect that problem is with memory but dont have any DDR3 SODIMM module to check at the moment.

Insert your Windows setup UFD/DVD, run through setup past regional preferences page, choose Repair, choose an operating system to repair.
On the Choose A Recovery Tool page click Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
For the best tool, get Memtest86+ from http://www.memtest.org/
-you choose the medium to use; it will be bootable directly into Memtest. A 1/2 hour run is going to suffice, I think.

I can not start installation or any type of windows Repair. See poin 2, 4 & 5 in my first post.

I found working DDR3 memmory, swaped over but nothing changed.

I suspect that something is wrong with motherboard or there is some new kind of BIOS virus as I can't start any bootable CD. I have 3 diffent versions of Windows 7, few Windows Vista & XP and Hirens bootable CD. Nothing is starting and giving diffrent king of errors regardless if HDD is connected or not.

Windows won't load any configuration, including safe mode, whether from hdd or UFD. Booting via USB optical drive fails earlier. Your disks and hdd test as good.
You swapped the memory stick, but that is not as deep a check as running Memtest86+, which by its nature must also involve the CPU and memory controller [incorporated the chipset].
A BIOS virus? That would have to modify the MBR and/or boot sector code to act on your system while it ran? I have no experience of a BIOS virus.... I guess you would clear CMOS with the jumper, flash BIOS code, on first restart in BIOS setup remove the hdd as a boot medium [so it won't read its MBR code], else just first-boot and scan with a bootable AV such as Bitdefender's Rescue cd.
Really, i'd run Memtest first... I suspect a chipset/CPU/memory fault.

I've had a similar issue before. It is most likely, like you said, a BIOS virus/failure which you cannot fix on your own. That was the only time I had to take my laptop to the shop and had the guy update my BIOS, which he claimed to be an extensive process.

Ask the guy beforehand if he has experience with this issue to save yourself the trouble and time of leaving it with someone who can't fix it.

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