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Hey guys,
So I recently set up a small domain controller for my network. The OS is windows server 2008. All my operating systems are running windows 8. How can I add the group policy options of windows 8 on to my server so I can take advantage of the windows 8 group policy options on my other systems?

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Windows 7 and windows 8 can both use the GPOs from server 2008. But the new win 8 policy settings, especially the ones that turn off the unified logon crap, are not included in 2008R2.

The new Windows 8 policy settings can only be managed by using Server 2012 or by adding them to the local security policy of each machine.

AFAIK, there is no 'add-on' for GPO to 2008 R2 that will enable this either. Thank you Microsoft. Way to force us to upgrade.


A domain controller is a server that is running a version of the Windows Server® operating system and has Active Directory® Domain Services 


AFAIK, you can export a client GPO and import it to a client OS but not to a server OS.

If there's some limitations on the GPO settings that you are not able to do.

I think you can do some scripting either in power shell or VBS and apply it to GPO. And deploy it to your users.

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