Just a quick question. Does anyone have an opinion as to wether it is best to Import or Add Data file when using Outlook .pst files after a re-install and you are putting the customers data back onto the machine. I would normally use Import to put all contacts and emails back in Outlook. But just wondered if it was best to use add data file instead. Your thoughts are most welcome. Thanks GBMicros

that the same way i do it ,it all goes to the same storage spot as when it was created

Sorry for the late reply, been away. Thanks for the posts. bobmaria thanks for the info but there is nothing wrong with the pst file I just wanted to get a feel for if it was best to use the import facility or to add data file. With only two responses guess I still don't know. Thanks anyway.

Make a backup copy, install directly, and see how it works. If you have a problem with it, then you still have the original to import from.

You asked for an opinion ... I guess that depends on the version of Outlook you are using. Pre-2007, I found importing from PSTs to give the best result. For 2007, if the PST was created in a prior version, I go with importing ... if created in 2007, I found just mounting the (uncorrupted) PST worked. I just did one with PSTs created in 2007 into 2010 and was very happy that Outlook discovered these easily (I had to confirm them). I haven't tried this into 2013 yet, so can't comment on that.

The one caveat is that I would, if possible, do a SCANPST first to have them in the best possible condition.

I would like to request use scanpst.exe inbox repair tool before going to use any third party PST repair tool. Scanpst.exe also can restore corrupt PST files so its better to use this technique before using third party recovery software.

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After a reinstall I just place the .pst file that was exported from the pc back onto the newly reimaged pc and then when setting up the users Outlook account "attach to an existing" .pst file versus creating a new one.

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