I have a problem with a pc, this I have never seen this problem before:
This problem load all the way to the login screen, but when I log in Black screen appears with nothing on it, now I wait to load then the pc shutdowns, I go through the regular repair sequence I use and nothing helps, but this is a clients pc and I don't want to restore to factory default to wipe hard drive, so I try maintence in safe mode.
It works to load up desktop (Long time) but its really slow to respawn, I can't even load the system tools like "Disk cleanup".

Is Factory default the only way, or one of the high end geeks squads can help and only way to make it work with out losing any data?

"I don't turn to microsoft until its serious"

Please help as quick as u can answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Start at the beginning and test the hard drive with hdtune. Hdtune will easily be found by google.
After all, if the hardware is faulty you will be wasting your time trying to repair the software.

Ok i will try but if a program, It won't work. Won't load programs.

i think that your has become affected with virus. there are viruses that makes the pc slow or prevent them from starting or won't start. its better to reinstall the windows or wipe out the hard drive.

That is what I think had happan he used it in safe mode and it worked slow, but my slow is having no prgrams to load up. I am telling him to go to geek squad or a highend person to do it.

Thanks anyways.

Boot into safemode and run hdtune. If you don't know how to boot into safe mode google will tell you how.

No I do I just Can't run any programs in Safe mode.

try to scan your clients hard drive with the anti virus at server. it might help.

Is there a how to for Windows Defender?

leave the defender, use Eset.

What If I can't run It in Windows, Remember the programs in safe mode won't even load. I will try see if it loads.

you boot the client computer in safe mode, then scan it through network using eset installed on your server.

the best way to fix it is installing antivirus software, make sure its up to date so update your anti virus first before doing a scan.

If you had actualy bothered to read all the posts in this thread then you would have seen

Can't run any programs in Safe mode


Remember the programs in safe mode won't even load

it may due to virus attacks, before that you do the hardware test. if you got ok you will get a system restore point then you go ahea with particular date or program installed.

it may happen due to the virus attack, even though you first do hardware test and then go ahead with softwares. you check with recently updated softwares.

You can boot up using a Linux CD. Intall a anti virus software to scan and kill virus. Just download any Linux distro, my preference is xubuntu.Go to http://xubuntu.org/ and download Xubuntu iso. Burn into a CD/DVD. Place the CD/DVD into CD/DVD drive. Make sure in the computer BIOS set to boot up CD/DVD. Once boot up click Test xubuntu before installing.Than use Ubuntu software center to install anti virus. Than use it to scan and kill any virus. Hope this help.

Take out your HDD and make it plug as USB, then use your untivirus, antispyware and antimalware to scan it, if it still slow, its really need to reinstall your OS, because sometimes after you clean the virus, the effect from the virus still remain....

if you can able to run in the safe mode then run it on safe mode.
Then Please Follow this steps:
• Go to Run ► Type ► Temp ► Enter ► Delete All the files.
• Go to Run ► Type ► %Temp% ► Enter ► Delete All the files.
• Go to Run ► Type ► recent ► Enter ► Delete All the files.
• and also be sure that you delete all the cookies and toolbars that were downloaded.
• Remove unwanted application from "Control Panel ► Add or Remove ► ..."
and then all after you PC will somewhat fast then before.

Then After it remains slow then there is the only onw way that you have to format your C drive (Windows drive)
• You caan copy your important data to the another drive as back up
• Format only drive "C" (Windows Drive)
• Then install the importants update of the application.
• be sure then you "turn off" Automatic updates : (Never update)
this result in making your drive full and make it slow...

Thank you

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