I recently had to send my Toshiba laptop in for repair to a warranty center. They had to replace my hard drive. I sent my restore disks to reinstall Windows 7 that I made and they came back all scratched. They were not scratched when I sent them in. I contacted the warranty center and they claim they can't help me with this. Anyway, I tried to make new restore disks and when I hit on Toshiba Recovery Media Creator I receive a message saying: No HDD Recovery Area. Yet when I hit on "computer" it does say HDD recovery (E) and it is all highlighted in red. Never saw that before when I first made my recovery disks. Is there another way of making my recovery disks from this laptop without the Toshiba Recovery Media Center or should I just try to copy the scratched disks? This is a Toshiba Satellite L675.

Thank you.

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The "warranty center" owes you two things: one is a new set of Windows restore discs. The other is to install the restore partition as per OEM requirements. If they will not do so, then file a formal complaint with Toshiba and your state attorney general.

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The warranty center won't budge on helping me. Toshiba said I could purchase restore disks from them. I then contacted the store where I purchased the laptop and extended warranty and so far have not heard from them.

How would I install the restore partition as per OEM requirements?

Thank you.

File a complaint with your state attorney. If you have an attorney, have them draft a letter of demand to Toshiba, the warranty repair center, and the store where you purchased the system. Don't take no for an answer!

That said, you might be better off installing Linux on the system... :-) At least you won't have to put up with this BS!

Hi , try clicking 0 (zero) during initial powerup, this should launch the utility partition and enable factory restore if supported

if not supported you can order a set of retore disks , however best to first register your product or confirm details as correct or update rego details
This ensures best support attitude, particularly if still under warranty


ps : now appears that Toshiba IT jargon denotes "(windows) recovery" as "reset"
(vendor supplied media to reinstall to factory default condition, erases all current data)
Recovery seems to relate to user created media
As you noted support attitude, I suggest if phone ordering subject disks to use the term "reset disk set" for hopefully a smoother support experience


I ended up ordering the OS disks from Toshiba. I then contacted the store where I purchased this laptop and made a complaint in regard to what happened when my laptop was sent out for repair. I told the store that I was not happy with the company they use for warranty repairs. The store agreed to reimburse me for the cost of the disks and I have received the check.

I'm happy for you, getting your money back for the new OS discs. At least they finally did "the right thing"... :-)

That was proper of the store; nice, too.
Hope they mention it to the warranty mob.

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