I tried to send an email into a fake domain (e.g. fakedomain@abcdefghi.fake) and it sent. It goes to my sent items of OE6. Why does OE6 allowed that email sent into a fake domain? and it doesn't tell that domain name is invalid, and it doesn't bounce back to me supposedly.

I also tried to send an email using my WEBMAIL. And luckily it bounce and got this error:

The mail system

<fakedomain@abcdefghi.fake>: Host or domain name not found. Name service error
for name=abcdefghi.fake type=A: Host not found

I also got a bounce back to my yahoo account.

So I conclude that my ISP is not connected to my problem. Just the OE6 have this email malfunction.

Someone help me please?

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Your ISP's server should have failed that domain immediately. If I try such a thing the email does not even get to the point of sending the body before an error pops and stops the transmission. OE6, too.
Your ISP perhaps is so loaded that it goes into a queue there before a domain search can be conducted.
Just guessing.

Thank you for the replies. But my problem doesn't solved. I'm just focusing on my OE6.

Gerbil you're right my ISP server stops the transmission of my email and failed to send that fake domain "when I'm using my webmail" But not my OE6. My OE6 continues to send that email to a fake domain. GrRrRr..

Before this happens, all is normal in my OE6. It receives bounce back email, undelivered mail and receipt. I don't know if these were the cause of the problem.
1. Disk clean up and disk defragmentation.
2. When I used the stored folder and copy and paste all the .dbx folder to my back up hard disk.

I think I need to re-install my OE6.

This is how you do that:
Part 1: msoe50.inf

-Open an Explorer window, search for msoe50.inf -the default location for this file is in the C:\Windows\Inf folder [show hidden files and folders].
-Right click the Msoe50.inf file, and then click Install.
-Insert your Windows XP SP2 CD-ROM when prompted and on it locate the I386 folder, click Open, and then click OK.
Outlook Express files have installed.

Part 2. wab50.inf

-search for wab50.inf -the default location for this file is in the C:\Windows\Inf folder.
-Right-click the Wab50.inf file, and then click Install.
-In the I386 folder on the CD-ROM click Open, and then click OK.
Outlook Express address book has installed.

Outlook Express is now reinstalled. Start Outlook Express to test its

I'm done with this re-installation of my OE6. But my problem still there. But there were bounced back or undelivered message that I receive like "The recipients mailbox is full". And the Subject "Hello" don't go to the process of sending. There is an error. I'm glad to see that validation of OE6 is working. But still when I'm sending email to a fake domain or addresses that not even exists like "abcdefghi@abcdefghi.omg", will go to my sent folder and it did not give me an error or undelivered message.

By the way I'm using an Eset Nod32 4, Antivirus. And I already configure my email scanning. I uncheck all the read, send and receive email. But I don't really disabling my Email Scanning.

Any suggestions and advice from anyone will do appreciate.


Hi guys. Just to clarify this OE6 malfunction issue. I already received undelivered mail messages and bounce back emails. I don't know what happen but the last thing I did is I created an account in OE6 using a gmail server. Just to test if OE6 will received a bounced back email using the gmail. And fortunately OE6 does. And after a week, I continuously received a bounce back and undelivered mail messages.

One thing that comes in my mind is my webmail server do something or upgrade their speed or increase the size of their database. This past months I complaint to them about the delay or late email messages in my inbox.

By the way, Thank you for all the replies above. And this issue already "SOLVED" haha

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