I have recently configured my online outlook account with my gmail id. All my configuration were done. But after configuration outlook is downloading all my previous mails. I want to stop the unnecesary download of old mails. I want to configure it such that it should only download/sync today's mail only.

Is there is a way to accomplish it?

Thanks in advance...

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If you want to retain mail on the server, make sure that you don't have the "delete mail on server when I delete it here" selected, and just delete the mail from outlook's inbox once it's done syncing.

Move all the messages in your gmail inbox into a new gmail folder that you create.

Since I must limit my bandwidth in office. I cant able to download all the contents of the mail. So your method fails here.

@Reverend Jim,
Hope this should do what I want...

Thanks to you both for a fast reply....

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