Guys suggest me a good videos converter software which can convert any big sized videos to smaller size and without compromising quality
Thank you

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If you want something easy (but not free) you can use DivX Converter (excellent compression and easy pick of options). If you want something free and flexible (but more difficult) you can use Pazera. It uses ffmpeg as a back end. There are several versions of the software for various formats but I suspect that they differ in name only (I use flv to avi but it handles more than just flv).

I've used a program called SUPER in the past. Gives you a lot of control and options, which can be a bind when you just want to do something that is fairly straightforward.

The site wants you to a lot of reading before getting to the download link, so here is the download link for it too.

The problem with ffmpeg is trying to figure out the command line switches and parameters. Pazera provides a GUI for all that and includes ffmpeg. You might want to look at VirtualDub which I also use. That does conversion as well as editing.

Since 2008, MediaCoder comes bundled with the OpenCandy software recommendation service which changes the classification of the app from freeware to nagware. During batch conversions once a certain number of conversions have been performed a window appears requiring human interaction (a simple CAPTCHA) to dismiss or pay a donation in order to remove the periodic nagging. ($15 minimum in 2011, $20 in 2012, $25 as of August 2013). You might want to check out XMedia Recode

I use "Ultra Video Converter" to convert my videos both to my PC and PDA.Its nice to use and it also used to join two or more videos into single video.Google the name to get it. :)

@Jim.... I can't beleive it's been that long since I've used it. Good to know.

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