Planning to buy a new notebook. But which one to go Window 7 pro or Window 8. Although I like the familiar Start button in Window 7 but Window 8 seem to perform better but I am at lost in the UI. Anybody got any exprience to share?

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It will always come down to preference of the person giving their opinion. For me, I would take 7 over 8 any day. I have Windows 7 on my main pc and had 8 on my laptop. I found 8 to be glitchy in that the apps would consume too much available resources and bog down the laptop. So much so that I've since gotten rid of 8 and install Linux, which is my absolute favorite OS (I'm using Ubuntu).

Back to Windows though, if it is a must, I recommend 7 for sure!

I have so far not had any issues with Win8, although I work primarily on the desktop. On the other hand, I like the simplicity of the apps I do use (mail, calendar).

I have worked with both Windows 7 & 8 and learned that Windows 7 does not possess many ploblems as compared to the other. For instance, Windows 8 does not fully integrate with earlier versions of most of the softwares. I am also for the opinion that Windows 8 is better on smart phones and tabs than on laptops. Thus, my choice is Windows 7.

I hated the Windows 8 UI and now I'm used to it. I still prefer Windows 7 though. I'm sure if you get enough responses on this thread, I'm sure you'll find a mixed of preferences.

I don't see how all of these answers are going to help you decide.

Maybe it would be a better idea to download a trial copy of Win 8 and run it as a VM so you can get a feel for it before you decide on what to buy.

As soon as I could, I placed Start8 on my son's & mine laptops that we got with Windows 8 on them. We mainly use just desktop mode. If he wants to use a Metro app, he runs them inside Stardock's Modern Mix app, which works great.

Metro was the worse idea for Server 2k12 & Win8, that Microsoft could have come up with. At least with Linux, you have different gui's you can choose from. If you use Ubuntu, and do not like their out of the box Unity interface, just load another. Hard to do that with Windows.

I am using Kubuntu on my desktop and Xubuntu or my aging laptop. But because my job need a Window base laptop so that is why I trying to decide which Window to go for. I am familiar with Window 7 but Window 8 being the latest might have some advantages over Window 7 if there is any. Thanks for all the input.

khakilang, if you have a .edu email, you can get the Windows 8 Upgrade for the Student discount of $70 again. I got lucky when it was for $40, to grab the Pro version for my machine.

You are fine with Windows 7. I shocked the Toshiba rep, when I was sending off my son's Satellite c850d for repairs; when he asked what my thoughts were on Windows 8, that I told him that I personally favor Linux over 8, and my second choice would be 7.

He asked why, and I told him that it was just that I did not think much of Windows 8; also stated that we use the Start8 add-on to bring back the desktop, since 99.99% of the stuff my son & I do is all on the desktop.

also stated that we use the Start8 add-on to bring back the desktop,

Waste of time -- the desktop is already there. Just click the desktop icon on the metro screen.

If you use Ubuntu, and do not like their out of the box Unity interface, just load another. Hard to do that with Windows.

AFAIK you cannot do that with Windows -- no version of Windows allows that.

Not a waste of time Ancient Dragon, to use Start8. There are some like myself, that do not want to spend precious time, having to boot up into the Metro interface, then having to hunt for the tile for the Desktop, or use Windows Key + D to get to the desktop.

You can change the extent of the interface on the Windows desktop by using third party software, but due to how Microsoft Software marketing has wanted the interface to be so dumbed down; it makes it very hard for power users to get anything done, how they have engineered the Windows 8 GUI.

Hands down worse thing they ever did with Windows desktop and Windows Server ever.

The tile for the desktop is right in front of you after boot. It's in the lower-left corner. Just click on it. How much time does that take??? Windows 8 is a little bit of a learning curve, but not much. I hate the ribbons in MS Office more than I do Windows 8.

I don't like the Windows key on the keyboard -- I used a screw driver to knock it off because I am constantly hitting it while playing games. Too bad they didn't put the windows key somewhere else, like on the top row with the function keys.

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