i cant get my pc to start it freeses as soon as i get to welcome page anyone know how to solve this i also tried throught the command prompt in safe mode i typed in %systemroot%\system32\restore\restrui.exe. but wont accept says not recognised

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Possibly there is an error in the winlogon reg key for userinit which is causing the freeze; malware sometimes uses it to start itself.


..hi there!..try to clean your memory dimms and slots..use eraser in cleaning your memory dimms..you can use anti-static brush in cleaning your memory slots as long as it cannot damage your slots..NOR, try this steps: (1)In Windows, click RUN..(2)Type MSCONFIG..(3)Click STARTUP..(4)Uncheck the unnecessary bootable programs(example, JAVA, khooker, etc.)NOTE: DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR ANTI-VIRUS FOR UNCHECKING..(5)Click APPLY and OK..(6) RESTART YOUR PC!..If the issue still continues, scan your pc with an updated anti-virus program..i hope it helps!..^_^..

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